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Radio show from FLIM and Summitt Rouss's album

Hello Everyone, Thank you for reading our blogpost please don't unsubscribe because we want to keep you in the loops for up and coming events that we are organizing this year. Before we are going to make our future events in the Cote d'azur We would like to introduce you guys to the Album from Summitt Rouss hailing all the way from Toronto Canada.

This year going to be another quiet year for the music industry but don't worry we will find a way to throw at least 5 parties we will keep continue to release new music and make sure that we will not stay still and wait for the situation to get better. Let's do it ! FLIM's Radio show listed below For those that like Techno and Electro don't forget to check out this album Flex Rock / Summitt Rouss - Independently Actualized Creative Art Project

We will be uploading the new mix from FLIM to our website this week but you can listen to the mix directly from Youtube

Thank you for checking out our blogpost and stay tuned for the up and coming Maetta's event in the Cote D'azur See you very soon,

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