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Record label carry the torch which is lit by some of the most talented, gifted, and unique DJ/Producers of our generation. MAETTA is an established Record Label  from Thailand found in Montreal, Canada based in Cannes south of France MAETTA has stayed one step ahead of music trends, offering artists and producers a trustworthy platform to launch and develop their musical careers. Explore the site to learn more about MAETTA



The excitement that comes with every new release – whether it's an album, EP, or single – is just as exhilarating as the first. MAETTA has overseen a number of great music production and many style of Techno, and continues to work towards helping the music they love get the exposure they believe it deserves. To find out more about upcoming and current releases from MAETTA, feel free to reach out. 30 secounds preview from upcoming EPs are available at the featured tracks playlist .
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JUNE, 11 2021

Monoloko - FRACT EP based in Nice ( France )This EP blended 2 styles  between  deep Techno and Deep Melodic house with the fresh vibes and dark all in one EP.


April 16th, 2021

FLIM the label boss release his mini EP to get ready for the full album 'The Way Of Life ' in 2021
'Satu' is a spiritual melodic Tech - House Track follow by ' The Third Time ' Dark Melodic minimal  hypnotic sound. Must have in your playlist.

MAETTA062 Satu - Flim .png
Ekanan Busaba.png


September 11th, 2020

Ekanan based in Phuket Thailand, Maetta secret Thai spicy deep tunes embassador


JULY 3rd 2020

Monsieur Rêve, A veteran of the French Riviera’s techno scene is back with a funky blended techno and tech-house vengeance with the San Pedro EP, his very first release for MAETTA

MTA054 San Pedro.png


MAY 29th 2020

Collaboration between DJ JACE and FLIM on 'Dark Alley' along with Remix from BENNY KNOX of 'Back From The Dead'


June 26th, 2020

DISTEM is a new up and coming producer from France. He is the son of the French Techno pioneer SCAN X. DISTEM's release debut EP on MAETTA include two dark techno tracks 'Dystopian' and 'Antesia'



DECEMBER 16th, 2019

FLIM has been recently gaining unstoppable momentum especially with his latest track "Karma" which brings in a rich blend of tech house melodies with deep chanting of Buddhist monks. This dance floor pumping track has been getting tremendous response from music fans and DJs from around the world.


IMG_6926 2.jpg


Hailing from Thailand’s southern region, Flim has for the past fifteen years been passionately contributing to the global techno bringing his high-energy performances and abstract energetic productions to dance-floors throughout the world.
Trained originally as a rock drummer, Flim became attracted to the tribal sounds of techno early on, and could soon be found deejaying in venues throughout the infamous southern islands of Koh-Samui and Koh-Panghan. His infectious and energetic performances proved addictive, leading to residencies at Thailand’s world-renowned Full Moon, Black Moon, and Half Moon parties. After relocating to the epicenter of electronic music in Canada – Toronto, he founded Blackmoon Productions, quickly making his name synonymous with Canada’s free tekno scene thanks to his memorable squat parties and deep talent for keeping dance-floors moving.  From dark vibes and slamming beats, to rolling climaxes and funky grooves, Flim perfectly blends his original production tracks with other ground breaking techno, making his international performances a must see event that will keep people talking long after the music has stopped.



 Techno Lover from London Canada
MAETTA is constantly signing new artists in a variety of Techno. From up and coming musicians to veteran artists, JESNEY loves producing and mixing tracks that will make audiences goes crazy and wanted to go to his after party, and JESNEY is a great example of that DJ/Producer that add his craziness to the music and the party. Get in touch to discover more about the work he have done for  MAETTA and stay tuned for his new release coming this summer



Hailing from Kitchener Canada. Jace co-owns Fine Grind Audio, one of Canada's top underground techno labels. Aside from releasing on his own label, Jace is a part of Dj 3000's Detroit collective Motech records, Greg Gow's Toronto based label Restructured, and Greek label Nomad Species. His releases have garnered support from the likes of Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Kevin Saunderson, Mixmag Germany, Joseph Capriati, Stacey Pullen, Cristian Varela, Paco Osuna, Luigi Madonna, Gene Farris, Sam Devine, Nadja Lind, Hanne & Lore, Oliver Shories, Nick Holder, Lutzenkirchen and Gregor Tresher to name a few. On the dj side, Currently Jace is holding his residency at District Nightclub, and host his own radioshow on UK based Datatransmission. Jace has had the opportunity to play across North America and Europe and play on countless radioshows and podcasts. Some place's Jace has played include, Miami (WMC parties), Las Vegas, British Columbia, Orlando, Detroit (Movement afterparties), Amsterdam (ADE), Brighton (BMC), Zurich, Brussels and Nice (Fete De La Musique. When not playing abroad, Jace plays regularly on the circuit in his hometown of Kitchener and Toronto as well.



When FEAR THE PRIEST approached MAETTA with his music, it was clear to all involved that there was something special about to hit the scene. MAETTA hurried to sign him to the label, and they’ve been making incredible release together ever since. Check out his latest work to understand the excitement everyone has regarding FEAR THE PRIEST the man who called it 'Black techno'



DISTEM aka Ethan Dri is an emerging artist from France, studying sound engineering. He is releasing his debut EP ' DYSTOPIAN with MAETTA
He is the son of French Techno Pioneer SCAN X.

his music is a bridge between two universes, the fruit of various influences tinted by the filter of his energetic consciousness.

Today Distem is involved in the  ARBEMUS association which offers the opportunity for many artists of all stripes to express themselves through music.

More than a vocation, music is in his DNA and it is all began with MAETTA



Summitt Rouss has been releasing music and DJing under the alias “Flex Rock” for a decade. As an alter ego Flex Rock was plausible deniability. A firewall between real life and the fantasy of artistic creation. A separation between man and music. In the year of our lord 2020 such separations are common and boring. Music comes from heart and mind. It is time to acknowledge the possessor of these organs, sign on the dotted line of life and put a name to the face. Independently Actualized Creative Art Project on the Maetta imprint is Summitt’s first release under his given name and second album after Flex Rock’s Little to No Fanfare, released in 2018. Summitt has released EPs as Flex Rock for the labels Jexonex, We Play Acid, Maetta, and independently since 2010



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